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Today was our opening day in the Sackville Sports Stadium in Sackville, NS.

Always an exciting day when we begin our shuffleboard summer season and see so many returning faces from past years and sometimes a few new ones as well.

Today was no exception. The smiles and anticipation of another exciting season were visible on the faces of all who attended. We had 30 people appear this AM eager and ready to unload the courts and get set up for our first day. Several of our regular players were unable to be with us, mostly due to the fact that today is provincial election day in NS, and a number of our members  were working in that capacity. A few were “under the weather”.

We welcomed some new players to our group and got started with three regular 12-frame games. Lots of cheerful laughter and teasing got the day off to an excellent start. Everyone seemed very happy to be back and enjoying this wonderful sport. It is such a treat for us to hear the folks having such an enjoyable time.

This afternoon we played 3 games of Hoss Collar and the winners were very happy to go home with a couple of dollars for a coffee!! Many willing hands made short work of the rolling up of courts and putting away of all the equipment until next week when we again,  will come back for a fun day of shuffleboard.

Will include a few pictures of the starting group.

We look forward to a exhilarating summer season with lots of competition and camaraderie among this most congenial group. We feel very lucky to have found such a fantastic group of friends.

Submitted by Glenna Earle

Katy andv Lyle Walker have been playing on Thursdays at the Gananoque, Ont. Shuffleboard Club.
Dorothy & Art Healy (seated) from Lakeland are the only other members from our Central District.
By Glenna Earle

Jim and Eleanor Crowell are members of ZSC in FL. and have been playing this season with us at the Saltwater Club, Sackville, NS.

Since they would like very much to get something going in their area, (they live a little over an hour from Sackville) Jim purchased two courts on his own which he & Ellie set up for a shuffleboard  clinic in Bridgewater. As you can see from the note I received, they did very well.
Perhaps next season we will see another group of shufflers pop up in the Bridgewater area.

Unfortunately, we may lose some of our players which will be sad, but we encourage them to "spread the fun" along their shore and we will hope their efforts will draw attention to shuffling in both our areas.
Hi Glenna,
We were very pleased with the turn out and interest.
We had all attending list name, phone number and email address. There were 22 excluding us. Rose , Jack and Jim were a great help.
As soon as Jim sent the picture of scoreboard he realized it was painted for singles and immediately repainted it for doubles.
The curling rink is starting to prep ice to put in ice on Monday to get it finished for senior 55 games. So we can not use again.
Thank you to Dave for the use of the bead spreading devise. As well as all the tips for planning for the clinic.
Yours in shuffling,
Jim and Ellie 8/23/2017
Well done Jim & Ellie....Many thanks to Glenna
Today the Shuffleboard event for the 55+ Games in NS was held in Mahone Bay, one of the many venues for the games being hosted by Lunenburg County.
There were 7 of the 8 teams registered who actually arrived to play.
Round Robin games were played so that every team played each of the other teams to determine the winners.
Around lunch time a couple of beautiful baskets of delicious fruit arrived, together with drinks for all,  for which we were grateful. Thanks to the sponsors of those lovely baskets although I do not know who was responsible.
There were a couple of new players, one of whom had never played the game before but by the time she left she had truly "fallen in love" with the game. I am sure those 2 ladies will be new recruits for our Saltwater Club next summer.......most enthusiastic and full of praise for the pleasure they experienced. They had participated in a number of other events but assured us this was by far the most fun they had enjoyed.
Will give you the names of the winners of the medals beneath their pictures. The gentleman you see presenting all the medals was David Devenne, Mayor of Mahone Bay. He was most gracious and very pleased to have been asked to make the presentations.
Congratulations to all the winners!!!!
Thanks for making our job easy!
Glenna & David Earle
David Earle explainig the rules
Nice medals
Under 70 Silver medalists - ZSC members Jim & Ellie Crowell
Marshalls with the Mayor , David & Glenna Earle