ZSC, Inc.
5209 8th Street
Zephyrhills, Florida 33542
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On Feb. 27th, 2011, Bob decided to transfer the deed title over to the ZSC members through the newly formed not for profit corporation, ZSC, Inc. 

At this time, the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club (ZSC, Inc.) is the only member owned and open shuffleboard facility in Zephyrhills or possibly in Florida, with no resident restrictions and welcomes all shufflers to join.

On April 4, 2017, ZSC completed 10 years in existence. Many changes have occurred at the club since 2007 and the membership has steadily increased every year. This past season we had a total of 164 members. Only three members of the original BOD remain, Henry Strong is now the club president, Chuck Moulton remains as treasurer and Bob Perkins the BOD chairman.   

Our generous members continue to support the club with financial donations and  contributing their time to the many projects we have under taken over the years.  All activities and tournaments are well attended including the annual clean up day, Christmas Party, Fish Fry and membership meetings. There is no shortage of ZSC members willing to volunteer on special projects and club maintenance to help keep our club one of the best shuffleboard venues anywhere.

Morning play remains extremely popular and during the winter season. It is not uncommon to fill all our courts with players at the afternoon Frolics. 
The new 6 game summer Mingles/Singles format has been well received and attended.
The Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club was formed April 4th,  2007 after member Bob Perkins purchased the facility from the Zephyrhills Tourist Club. 

After the purchase, the Club elected a Board of Directors, wrote by-laws and incorporated as the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club and almost instantly increased the membership.  A fund drive was initiated and members donated enough to make many needed repairs and renovations.
Original BOD....George Darwin, Chuck Moulton, Nancy Sclafani, 
Bob Perkins, David Earle, Henry Strong, Marion Perrault, Jim Barnes
Only charter members will remember the facility when we took it over in 2007. To say it was in critical need of some TLC would be an under statement.  

Early on, many members answered the call and donated  badly needed new benches. The courts were refinished using our new imbedded beads and sealer method. After many years of curtains between the old outside courts, a new roof was installed over courts 13 -16 and court 1. 
Thankfully the summer crew took on many of the early improvements including digging out tons of sand from in front of the block room to the 8th Street entrance, installing pressure treated decking over all the drainage from 8th St. to our now front entrance. The block room was remodeled with cabinets and new floor, then a sink, freezer and refrigerator were added. The area between the block room and the office was enclosed and now serves as our broom room
A new ladies room was built and cupboards for supplies added. 
New carpet, insulation, A/C, shelves, new window and a computer were added to the office.

New display cabinets were built and attached to the front of the office and men’s room and all buildings were vinyl sided. The men’s room was gutted and has been totally remodeled with new flooring and fixtures. 

In 2010, the ZSC website was created and has had over 215,000 viewers. 

Curtains on the west side were replaced with fiberglass panels. The North side curtains were replaced with a single curtain. New exhaust fans were installed at the gables and personal fans at the head and foot of every court. New lighting and fixtures were installed both over the courts and scoreboards. The chalk scoreboards were turned backwards, painted, faced with glass and now dry erase markers are used to keep score. The court gutters and walkways were stained red and sealed. A new shed was purchased and installed on the adjacent property to house our court materials, tools etc.
In the past couple of years the improvements have continued. Last year we completely refinished the courts with new stain and new lines. The approaches have been done with slightly larger numbers. Our courts were installed in 1995 and considering the amount of play they receive daily, they are in excellent shape. 
The East end and part of the North side were enclosed with permanent vinyl sliding windows in 2015. Scoreboards from the foot of courts 13-16 were moved to the north end (head) to match the rest of the courts. The complete roof has been insulated and covered with rubber roofing. No more leaks! Two additional large fans were installed  between every other court. These two improvements are probably the best to date. It’s now much easier to tolerate the heat, especially in the summer. The vinyl window project continued this year and now three sides of the building including the entrance are enclosed with tinted sliding windows. This week the courts were refinished for next season and new LED lighting is being considered. 
As a board member and part of the summer crew, I’m extremely proud of the accomplishments of our club over the last decade. Our members are the greatest, not only helping out when things need to be done but the caliber of excellent players we produce is being noticed everywhere. At most tournaments our club usually has the largest contingent of players. 

It’s my hope we can keep this good thing going for another decade….It’s not only a great place to play shuffleboard but it's like we are all a big family and I would like to thank everyone that’s contributed to our success.

Chuck Moulton

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