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Everybody wants to talk about points, yet there is much confusion about the subject.
What kinds of points are there? Who can earn them? How are they earned? What does it all mean?

Glenn Monroe has written a very good article to clarify it all.  Check it out by clicking here.

Tournament Volunteers.....

If you are like me (and most tournament shuffleboard players), you have a few expectations when you arrive at a venue to play a tournament.
Among those expectations are:

1.Hot coffee,
3.Someone to take my registration,
4.Clean, well supplied lunchroom,
5.Clean, well supplied restrooms,
6.Clean courts,
9.Seat pads,
10.Pencils, sharpened,
11.Waxed and seasoned discs,
12.Discs on the court at the start of the day,
13.Someone to sweep the court if I request it,
14.Someone to bead the court if I request it,
15.Someone to wax discs before each match and whenever else I request it,
16.Someone to resupply restrooms and lunchrooms as needed,
17.Bottled water,
18.Maybe some ice cream or candy bar,
19.Someone to pick up the trash I have left behind,
20.Someone to collect and dispose all of the trash at the end of the day,
21.Someone to prepare the discs, lunchroom and restrooms for the next day’s use,
22.Someone to turn out the lights and lock the doors when I have finished playing, whatever time that may be.

Because we ask so much of our volunteers, their numbers have been dwindling for some time now. For that reason no one provides referees anymore, except for the F.S.A. Masters, and many clubs no longer wax the discs before every match as required by F.S.A. rules. The numbers are now so low that the volunteers who arrive at the courts at 7:00 a.m. to prepare for the tournament are, most likely, the same ones waiting until 7:00 p.m. or later to perform the closing chores. They are also the same ones who are there for the third day of play if necessary.

Over the past several years, I have seen many enthusiastic volunteers burn out because of all we ask of them and especially because of the hours we expect from them. The time is fast approaching when we will have to consider what our tournaments would be like if we no longer have any volunteers to perform all of the vital tasks associated with a major tournament.

What I am trying to say is that we need to show consideration for our volunteers. Thank them for their service whenever possible. When it is getting late into the evening and you are still playing, remember that the volunteers are no longer there for you. They are there because of you. If there is anything that you could do during the day to expedite your play and ease their burden, I would ask that you please do so.

Glenn Monroe... Florida State Tournament Director.  2014 03 29.


We all love to play the great game of Shuffleboard at our local Club; many of us help to get sponsors for tournaments or in some cases to help pay the everyday bills that all clubs face.  We all feel we can relax when the Club is in good shape financially but yet we know that there are major improvements that we would all like to see take place.  Maybe it’s covering the courts or insulating the existing roof; maybe even air conditioning the playing area but that’s way out because we don’t have that kind of money.  You know every year we lose some members; some have money but probably never give a thought to a major contribution to the Club at their death.  Now’s a good time to think that over; you could really make a difference!


This is an interesting article written by Earl and something that I have been thinking about for some time.

Many of us never heard of or played shuffleboard until we retired to Florida and were introduced to the game at a local MHP.

I believe I can speak for many of our ZSC members, that shuffleboard consumes many, many hours of our retirement years. Some members play this great game every single day.  It is now a huge part of our lives and provides us with physical exercise, an outlet for those who love competition and a great source to meet new friends. Shuffleboard and ZSC provides us all with countless hours of great inexpensive entertainment.

We are blessed at ZSC that Bob Perkins made an unbelievable gesture by purchasing our courts and then donating the facility to our members. Bob wanted to be sure that shuffleboard would always be in Zephyrhills for us to enjoy.

As Earl mentioned, there will always be a need for improvements and maintenance at the club. Many ideas have surfaced recently; some with large price tags, others with minimal costs. Regardless, all improvements cost money. The Club is financially sound at this time but because we are unable to get a (home owners type) insurance policy, we are self- insured and need a fair reserve to make repairs if we ever suffer major storm damage.

Our current membership dues structure and sponsorship fees cover our taxes, utility bills, liability insurance, lawn maintenance, janitorial service and everyday operating expenses.

To consider any major renovation to our facility though would probably require a member donations fund drive like that conducted in 2008. Many ZSC members continue to make donations to our Club each year.

Earl mentions that maybe we should consider a contribution to ZSC at death. I agree and believe this would be a great way to give back to a sport that has given us so much enjoyment.  Current or after death contributions will assure that future members would be able to enjoy shuffleboard for many years, as we have.

Chuck Moulton, Treasurer

Most Sunday's I hold clinics and the response for that has been rewarding, as the 3 - 4 courts of people that show up have boasted to others about how much they are learning and having fun doing it.
I have recently among other things tried to find away to give back to the game in this district and elsewhere. I offered to purchase at my cost 4 Master's trophies very much like our FSA Master's trophies, a gift to our district as there is no distinction between winning or just participating in the district Master's. Everyone receives the same 10 cent pin. I had hoped to make it more rewarding for everyone and something more to generate enthusiasm, wouldn't you know it this board shot it down, rejected, I just can't understand the reasoning for it.
With all this being said, some of you have already heard that I will be transferring out of the northern district to come and be a little more active in the Zephyrhills SBC and the Central district next season.
I won't be able to make it down every week but will be down as often as possible.
Thank you all again for your friendships and support.

Allen Dronsfield 
To the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club, a special thanks to each and everyone of you starting with Chuck Moulton for taking my 200 point picture and posting an article about it.
So many of you have come to me and congratulated me, you have no idea how that feels. I have explained to many that sure we win pins, plaques, trophies, etc. but the acknowledgement from all of you is really what makes the moments more special than all the awards mentioned.
I want you all to know, yes I am a member of the Zephyrhills SBC and truly wish I could spend more time with all of you. Distance puts a little bit of a burden on that.
You also need to know that even after winning the Master's back to back and then reaching the 200 point milestone not one email or post had been made by either the Leesburg or Tavares club or the district for that matter happened. There is literally no appreciation at all in this district for what one may do to help.
My name is Gerrit Dykman. I am a Central District board member representing the Amateurs. Over the last 2 years the number of participants in amateur tournaments has slowly decreased. How can we turn this around? Last years season 2 seminars where held in Zephyrhills, this was a greet success. I like to encourage more clubs to conduct a seminar in your area this season. If you can get together with a couple of parks in your area and ask a Pro to come to help conduct a seminar that would be great . There are many Pro's willing to help to turn this trend around. If you need any help with organizing or finding a Pro, please let me now and I will try to help. Please encourage Amateurs in your club to play in some CD tournaments. Not all Amateurs are willing to travel to tournaments out of town, so please encourage them to car pool. Together we can turn this trend around. The board thanks the clubs who already conduct a seminar for a number of years. This is very much appreciated.There is also a Amateur Shuffler Packet for new shufflers available.(Welcome packet).Please let me know if you are interested (and how many copies you like). 

Greetings from your CD rep. Gerrit Dykman.