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Earl Ball's updated Shuffleboard Tips have been posted before but ZSC
has many new members since the last posting on this web site.
Our newest members are always asking for  shuffleboard help and strategy tips.
I will post at least two of these informative tips each month.
Many thanks to Earl for updating his tips and permitting me to post on trhe ZSC web site.
If you would like to comment or ask Earl a question regarding these tips, please contact me and I will pass it along.

Have you ever seen a great player who changed his game and all of a sudden they become just average.  We had an outstanding amateur in our district when I started to play the game.  I used to think if only I could be as good as him, I’d win some tournaments.  He was a great board clearer and then one season a great board player moved to our district and began playing with our amateur.  Now the board player was one of the all-time great shot makers, spent a good deal of his life as a pool hustler and carried it over to Shuffleboard.  Our amateur played with him a lot and really wanted to play the same type of game, he still tries but never reached that great potential.  I see the same thing in some of our new players; I wonder what will happen.  The point is if you are good at some part of the game “stick with it” and add the other parts.

Some players try to steal a block every time they get a chance, even if it means the opponent gets two blocks.  Now I believe in stealing blocks, but if it will only get you into the 50’s and two blocks will get your opponent to 45 then I think that’s too much risk because if your partner at the foot makes a mistake and gives up two you’re in trouble because now they are in the 60’s and have a good chance to win.  Don’t steal a meaningless block if it means letting the opponents back in the game.