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 Earl Ball's updated Shuffleboard Tips have been posted before but ZSC 
has many new members since the last posting on this web site. 
Our newest members are always asking for  shuffleboard help and strategy tips.
I will post at least two of these informative tips each month. 
Many thanks to Earl for updating his tips and permitting me to post on trhe ZSC web site.
If you would like to comment or ask Earl a question regarding these tips, please contact me and I will pass it along.
What about the high 10 to steal your opponent’s hammer!

You’ll hear me say it’s the wrong shot almost every time. High 10’s have a way of being low 10’s and that translates into a block and a half for the other team. Remember when you are trying to steal the opponent’s hammer there are a lot of lines to get next to and they don’t all run across the court. In fact if I were telling you how to steal your opponent’s hammer I’d probably tell you to try to get to the outside edge of the 8 or the 7 giving your opponent the chance to hit the angle line also.


We’ve all asked that question and we’ve all been asked that question too! Often that question comes along the lines of should I clear or do something else. I advise when in doubt “Clear”, although I don’t always do that. I look to give the opponent the most trouble that I can, put the pressure on and keep it on and give the other guy a chance to make a mistake!  

The right shot is “the shot you can make” and that’s true. You can explain the best right shot or some alternatives but there’s no sense in you trying to do something you don’t do well or can’t do anyway. We’ve all sat on the other end and said “oh no” as the block is coming down the court, convinced our partner has made the wrong shot, only to have it work perfectly and the words that come out of our mouth is “great shot, what do I know anyway”.

When I’m having trouble executing shots I try to keep it simple, shoot right at the blocks, nothing fancy and it works. I get back on track and the game begins to come back. I get in trouble because I’m trying to cut too many shots, maybe that happens to you too!