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Earl Ball's updated Shuffleboard Tips have been posted before but ZSC
has many new members since the last posting on this web site.
Our newest members are always asking for  shuffleboard help and strategy tips.
I will post at least two of these informative tips each month.
Many thanks to Earl for updating his tips and permitting me to post on trhe ZSC web site.
If you would like to comment or ask Earl a question regarding these tips, please contact me and I will pass it along.
One point does make a difference!

I want to hold an opponent to 44 instead of 45; I’ll go into the seven to keep him off of 45.  I don’t want the opponent at 61 from the head or 68 if I can make him chase a seven and only get to 67.  If you think about it there are a lot of places where one point does make a difference and that one point may be gained at 29 instead of 30.  Many players start counting to late in the game.

If you need one block you have no business being in the middle of the board on the opponents hammer.  Use a St Pete, a little wide and high enough that you can see the whole side behind the hide.  It the opponent shoots it for the kitchen and goes long, shoot the next one through, you know what he is going to try to do, don’t let him.