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Earl Ball's updated Shuffleboard Tips have been posted before but ZSC
has many new members since the last posting on this web site.
Our newest members are always asking for  shuffleboard help and strategy tips.
I will post at least two of these informative tips each month.
Many thanks to Earl for updating his tips and permitting me to post on trhe ZSC web site.
If you would like to comment or ask Earl a question regarding these tips, please contact me and I will pass it along.

It’s not easy to do; the best cover is about three feet directly in front of the block but that’s only the right shot if the opponent only has his hammer left.  He probably won’t waste his hammer chasing you.  If the block is on your side of the board you should cover to the inside half of the block so the opponent can only get it on the outside, if he can get it at all.  That way he won’t be hid and you may get a shot at him and maybe roll behind the hide again. If it’s on his side of the board you should cover to the outside of the block so he can’t go down the outside to get you and be hidden by your block.  If he goes down the inside he’ll be in the middle of the board where you can see him.


Ever see dead wood, stray blocks come into play?  Happens all the time!  Did you know that some players put dead wood out on purpose!  How many times have you seen a good player put out a deep poor hide when he doesn’t have the hammer?  He then clears and if the dead wood is still there when it comes to his last shot he takes that hide or bumps it up and all of a sudden you’re chasing him.  I’m not the only one like that.  “Watch for the traps”.