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Members...If you know of someone who is under the weather, please send me the details and I would be happy to publish them.
A liitle note from our fellow ZSC members just might help cheer them up and on the road to recovery...Chuck
Every club needs those special members that volunteer and  donate their time.  Betmar Shuffleboard Club is very fortunate to have one of those members that is loyal, dedicated and a true shuffleboard SUPER volunteer.

Roger Scott has been contributing his time and expertise to all Betmar Area, District and State shuffleboard tournaments for over a decade.

In 2000, Roger moved to Betmar from Michigan after retiring from tool and die making for over 34 years. Roger and his wife Patricia, now winter in Betmar seven months a year.

The first winter they resided in Betmar, Roger became interested in shuffleboard, took lessons and played in Betmar’s ABC’s for a few years. In 2003, Roger volunteered to wax and call blocks for tournaments. He developed his own method for cleaning and waxing discs and actually carries his own wax block home with him after tournaments so no one will ruin the shape. Roger doesn’t play much these days but likes teaching and assisting new shufflers.
Roger enjoys meeting visiting shufflers at Betmar tournaments  and you can count on a cordial and cheerful greeting as you enter the courts. Decked out in his bright orange vest, Roger roams the courts watching for potential third calls. If he spots a player calling a close disc, he will begin moving towards that court just in case a third call is required. This not only aids the tournament director but lessens the time usually required if the TD is needed. Roger said, “I never look at the player of the disc is in question and use the same correct method for calling discs every time”. In 2009, Roger was the only caller for the five day International Tournament .

State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe recently said, “Roger is an invaluable aid to me in the conduct of tournaments at Betmar. The size and layout of the Betmar Shuffleboard Club, coupled with the consistently large numbers of players present, make all but impossible for a tournament director to handle all of the administrative duties AND make third calls.  Roger handles those third calls in a timely manner with accuracy, fairness and diplomacy. I have never had anyone complain about his calls or demeanor”.

When Roger isn’t at the courts, he loves spending time with his two Havanese dogs,  Daiseymae (L) and Sami (R) that the Scott’s adopted from a rescue center.

Roger just missed his very first tournament since 2009. He was unable to attend the March 6th State tournament because of melanoma surgery performed at Moffitt Cancer Institute on his scalp. He is recovering well and intends to be back at his post at the next scheduled Betmar tournament.

Roger is definitely a well respected and appreciated super volunteer.

He is a great Betmar representative and everyone in this game thanks him for his unselfish contribution and dedication to our sport.

Chuck Moulton...3/8/2017
Henry was inducted to the CNSA Hall of Fame before playing in the Canadian Nationals at Woodstock, ON. 5/31. Henry was inducted as a CNSA past president and Glen Peltier as a player.
CNSA president Jim Corbeil presided over the ceremonies.
Henry and partner Linda McRae finished the tournament in 2nd place..

Congratulations to our president Henry and Clearwater's Glen Peltier
ZSC member Al Dronsfield is one of only two FSA players to ever win the FSA Masters and State Singles in the same year. The other was ZSC's Past president David Earle in 2012.

Al 70, retired to Lake Griffin Harbor in Leesburg Florida in 2011 and was introduced to shuffleboard by a neighbor at his mobile home park. Eventually Al made his way to the Tavares SBC and won 1st place consolation in his very first tournament, two weeks later he won first place main in a no 2 pro tournament and was definitely hooked.

In 2012, Al made instant pro and deferred to the 2013 -14 season. Al plays out of Tavares of the Northern District and has an acquired a very impressive resume since turning pro. A regular on the FSA tournament tour, Al is on his way to achieving the 200 points necessary to qualify for the HOF, having amassed 140 points already.

Al credits Stan Williamson and Dennis Abbenante with having the greatest influence on his career and his ever present wife Jan, as his greatest supporter.

Al joined our club last season and recently said,"I joined the ZSC because I saw what I think is the best club in shuffleboard around and I wanted to somehow be apart of that. Unfortunately I play out of the northern district and not able to compete out of the club. I see a club where everyone jumps in to help out not the norm for many of the rest of the clubs. I joined it because I wanted to at least support this wonderful club and what it stands for."

After the 2017 Masters win, Earl Ball commented:

I don’t see where anyone noted how absolutely dominating Al Dronsfield was in the men’s division.  He won going away; sure I had a chance to win one of the games and Jim Miller did, but Al was overwhelming with his play.  I really haven’t been beaten that bad since I can remember and the Masters field hasn’t had such a dominating Champion in quite some time.  This guy is a great Champion!

By the way, how do you beat winning the State singles the Northern District Tournament of Champions, the Northern District Masters, being inducted into the Northern District Hall of Fame and qualifying for the State Masters and winning it almost as if there were no competition?

We're proud to have Al as a ZSC member and congratulate him for his many accomplishments.
Viola "Vi" Darwin “Leaves us”; May She Rest in Peace.

Word was received at the Betmar tournament today that George Darwin's wife "Vi" had passed

Vi had been a resident of the Hearland of Zephyrhills Nursing home for many
years and  was visited faithfully by George everyday. She died from pneumonia.

Our sincere condolences to George and the Darwin family.

There will be no services .

George's address:
7135 El Matador St.
Zephyrhills, Fl. 33541

Past ZSC President David Earle was the proud recipient of the RED JACKET as he was inducted into the Canadian National Hall of Fame in the player category, while playing in Moose Jaw at the Inter-Provincial tournament last week. David is the second ZSC member to be inducted into the CNSA Hall of Fame this year. Henry Strong was inducted in May. Jim Corbeil was David's presenter.
Congratulations David...well deserved!