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Members...If you know of someone who is under the weather, please send me the details and I would be happy to publish them.
A liitle note from our fellow ZSC members just might help cheer them up and on the road to recovery...Chuck
We all like to play Shuffleboard but some go over and above to be sure we have a voice in the Central District governing body.  ZSC is proud to have four Officers on the Central District Board. 
Jim Chandler is 1st Vice President and is responsible for the popular Hall of Fame Classic held at Winter Haven in March. Jim  also serves as a ZSC Director.
John Houghtaling is 3rd Vice President and is responsible for the Reiny-Masters; he’ll need help from many of us as he sets up the Masters  to be played at our Club in March.
Gerrit Dykman is 4th Vice President and is responsible to represent our amateur base and to build that base.
Mike Seyfer is the Treasurer and we all know how detail oriented Mike is, so our money is well taken care of.
When you see these guys, you might want to thank them for all the extra time they give for all of us.  Remember, they too want to play.
Four ZSC members inducted
The Winter Haven Shuffleboard Club hosted the annual 2018 Hall of Fame Classic Tournament.

The event was very well attended by Central District shufflers.

$695.00 in gift certificates were donated and given out during play of the Mingles/Singles 6 game tournament format.

After four games, play was halted for the induction of our 7 newest inductees.

Doug and Pat Stockman from Sanlan are the first husband and wife to be inducted into the Hall of Fame Player Category. Each presented the other.

Bob Perkins was presented by David Earle in the Special Awards Category for all he has done for shuffleboard and the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club.

Three of the top lady shuffleboard players in Florida were inducted in the player category. Linda Marshman presented Glenna Earle, and then Glenna presented Linda. Henry Strong presented Glenda Brake, all are from the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club.

Sebring's Bob Hoskins, another great shuffler, was presented by good friend Larry Brown in the Player Category.

Tournament play resumed following the ceremony.

An abundance and large assortment of finger food was available for players to munch on throughout the tournament.

Delane Ruess won the  M/S Pro division and  Larry Harvey the Amateur division.

Many thanks to co-chairmen Jim & Ginny Chandler. Director Marlene Corbeil was assisted by George Adyns, Jim Corbeil and David Earle.

A great time was had by all and congratulations to all the inductees!!!
2018 Indutees
ZSC Hall of Fame members
Art was 94 years old and a charter member of ZSC.
Artie served in WWII and enjoyed playing shuffleboard in his retirement.
Our sincere condolences to his wife Irma and the Vogel family.
Services will be held at 10am Wednesday at
Zephyr Christian Church. .5940 Dogwood St. Zephyhills

Irma's address:
4903 Gordon St.
Zephyrhills, Fl. 33542

An article I wrote about Art a few years ago
Art Vogel passes 9/9/2018
George Darwin probably knew Art longer than anyone in Zephyrhills. George recently said, “ I met Art and Irma over 30 years ago and both are very special to me”.
“ I played shuffleboard with and against Art when we both lived in Winter’s Park. We became very good friends and decided to play as partners in tournaments.  We won many tournaments and of course lost many also. During our many shuffleboard trips, I learned a lot about Art. He never let any grass grow under his feet and was always busy running a dry cleaning business and other things. Art  always said what he meant and meant what he said. When we played shuffleboard, Art would constantly look at his charts and it drove me up a wall. I remember more than once yelling down the courts to throw those damn charts away. I was a little hard on Art, but I knew he trusted me with advice etc.”
“ One of our greatest shuffleboard accomplishments was beating  Jim Bailey ( after he won his HOF point in the semi) and Mel Erb in the finals of a State Tournament in Hawthorne. I think this is where we earned the title of “The twin towers of power”.
“ I will miss Art as we all will. RIP my old  friend.”