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Members...If you know of someone who is under the weather, please send me the details and I would be happy to publish them.
A liitle note from our fellow ZSC members just might help cheer them up and on the road to recovery...Chuck
We all like to play Shuffleboard but some go over and above to be sure we have a voice in the Central District governing body.  ZSC is proud to have four key Officers on the Central District Board.  
John Houghtaling was elected Central District President for 2019-2020. 
John was also elected to the ZSC Board of Directors recently. 

Mike Seyfer is the Treasurer and we all know how detail oriented Mike is, so our money is well taken care of.
Good luck to all and we thank these ZSC members for the extra time they give on behalf of us all. 
A little story about how I became interested in shuffleboard and built two indoors courts in my pole barn in Northeast Indiana.

I started playing at Grove Ridge Park near Dade City Florida in 2014 during a two week vacation. Each year our vacations grew a little longer and so I was able to play shuffleboard more. 

​Farming corn and soybeans was my business and I still help out in the growing months. I rented farm land in Indiana from John Bushee who winters in Sebring, Florida. 

In Jan. 2018,I drove to Sebring to visit John who I knew enjoys playing shuffleboard. John took me to the Sebring Senior Center, beaded up the courts and we played all day. That was my first introduction to beaded courts and a facility of that magnitude. John explained to me different shots including Tampa and St. Pete hides. At the end of the day, John gave me a copy of the FSA publication, the Preview. 
The Preview listed the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club with a tournament to be held there on Jan. 23rd. I drove to the club that day and met a little guy named Gabby at the sign in table and he explained two things I would need to do to enter the tournament, I would need to join the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club and because it was an Any Doubles Tournament, I would need a partner. I had neither, but I joined the club and over the next two days I watched a lot of tournament play. I really liked the game, thought I could do it and spent the rest of the winter playing, listening and learning from many of the experienced and helpful ZSC pros. I also entered tournaments at ZSC, Betmar and Winters. Even though I failed to place in any of these tournaments, I gained a lot of valuable experience.

When I returned to Indiana in March, I knew retiring was right around the corner because my son and son-in-law agreed they would take over the farm in the Spring. The boys also agreed to extend the barn large enough for a new office and two shuffleboard courts. So that is what we did. They now have a new farm office and I have my two shuffleboard courts.
After the concrete contractor poured the courts, gutters and office we needed to grind down one court which turned out pretty good. I painted the courts, gutters and lines myself. Heating and air conditioning were installed for the shuffleboard courts and the farm office. 

The courts were not quite finished when we came back to Florida in November 2018. As a member of Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club, I volunteered for the court resurfacing crew and working with other club members, gained valuable knowledge and experience on how to resurface courts with imbedded beads. I returned home in December 2018 and spent many hours resurfacing the courts using this method. I haven’t been able to play on the new courts much because we again returned to Florida for the rest of the winter. At this time there are no shuffleboard venues near my home so I guess I will need to introduce and develop some new players to this great sport.

After first being introduced to the game in January 2018, I played tournaments in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio this past summer. Since returning to Florida, I have played in two tournaments almost every week and practice as often as possible. I felt very lucky to be able to team up with Bill Badgely, who is also from Indiana and a ZSC member

On Jan. 22, 2019, Bill and I won first place in the same ZSC Amateur tournament I came to a year ago without a partner, club affiliation or any experience.  

This year has been a blast and I’m looking forward to promoting shuffleboard in my area of Indiana, continuing my membership at ZSC and playing in many tournaments in the Midwest and Florida.

Tim Baker

Great job Tim - Congratulations!
It is my pleasure to present Bob for induction into the Central District Hall Of Fame.

Bob grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York and graduated from the 2 yr Ag school at Cornell University. He and his brother became the 5th generation to run the family farm. It continues today with our two sons and 2 grandsons milking 450 registered Holsteins 3 times a day along with growing and harvesting 800 acres of crops. 

Bob started shuffling in 2004 after taking lessons from Marshall Ley a pro in our park. Bob played in many tournaments, but the one he enjoyed the most was being the District Amateur Reiny Champion in 2008. He followed the next year as a State Amateur Masters Runner-Up in 2009. 

As a Pro, Bob has placed and won many State and District tournaments. In 2013 he won the Florida Pro Non-Walking Singles Championship and has collected 83 pts. in State Competition.

Bob has always been a strong advocate for shuffleboard. At the local level he has been a director of the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club and is now completing his 2nd term as president of Winter Shuffleboard Club. 
Bob was also been vice president and then president for 2 years of the Central District Association.

 In the past few years we have traveled to England and Vienna, Austria to compete and promote the game of shuffleboard. Together we started a shuffleboard club 12 years ago in our hometown of Oxford,NY.

Bob has always enjoyed the social aspect of shuffleboard and the chance to tell you about our 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and of course the family farm. 

Now, I present to you my very SPECIAL partner BOB for induction into the Central District Hall of Fame.

Presentation by Linda Marshman
Bob Marshman (Player), Judy Hollaway (Special), Doug Stockman (President) and Dick Davis (Special)
2019 Central District Hall Of Fame Inductees
What a magnificent day for the 2019 Hall of Fame Classic in Winter Haven!

A huge crowd assembled to play the games and to witness the induction of 4 new members into the prestigious Central District Hall Of Fame.

There were 113 players and many additional people who helped run the event.

The organizers, Jim & Ginny Chandler, Bob & Linda Marshman (curators) did an outstanding job.

New President John Houghtaling was running around taking care of loose ends. The very competent and efficient out-going President, Doug Stockman, and his wife Pat, are making this their last season in Florida. They will be greatly missed!!!
Many helpers kept the games moving- Larry Brown, David Earle, Bob Marshman, Jim & Ginny Chandler, as well as others as needed. The capable Directors were Marlene Corbeil and George Adyns.

Before assembling in the hall for the ceremonies, our dear friend Jerry Stannard in his red jacket, arrived to be among us as we proceeded to the ceremony. Jerry was once President at Winter Haven but moved to the Bradenton area in order to allow his Dad (Gib Stannard, who recently passed away, well over 100 yrs of age) to be able to play more shuffleboard without having to travel so far. We really appreciated having Jerry join us.

Winners of the tournament were given their envelopes after the induction ceremony.

Many gift certificates were donated totalling about $850.00. A lot of happy diners will use these, thanks to all the generous contributors! The food was just as scrumptious as usual!

Thanks to everyone for a very successful day!!!              Glenna Earle

Tim Baker was elected to 4th V.P.
Tim will be the Amateur's voice on the Board replacing Gerrit Dykman.

Jim Chandler was re-elected to serve his second term as 1st V.P. 
Jim and his wife Ginny also co- chair the HOF Fun Day.

Earl Ball had neck surgery Tuesday to relieve pain in his right arm. The surgery included removal of a disk and two vertebrae fusions.

Earl reports he got instant relief and feels the surgery was completely successful.

He is recuperating at home and will require physical therapy.

We all wish Earl a speedy recovery.