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The ZSC Wednesday & Saturday Mingles/Singles is a great mini - tournament open to all.

We get to meet new players, have some good, friendly competition; play four straight games with no waiting, and we are usually are done by 11:30 am. 

The cost is $3 and two-thirds of the players will win $6.

Because Mingles/Singles games are limited to short, 12 frame games, you only need to have more points than your opponent when the frames run out to win, but because of recording the winner’s scores for final result tie breakers, a little different strategy is required.

If you are playing yellow, it’s important to try to keep from getting behind by more than one score at the end of the 10th frame, so you can possibly win by scoring with your last two hammers.
If you are playing black, you should try to get out to a big lead with your first two hammers and try to maintain a two block lead or better through your last hammers (9th & 10th frames).

Because game points are recorded, tacking on score when you are safely ahead is preferred to clearing. Snuggling can be a good tactic for adding on score, especially when you have the hammer. Snuggling eights is a good choice with less chance of being kitchened.

Score on your last shot if possible, even if the game is already won. The idea here is to get as close to the maximum 75 point mark as you can.

Covering ten-offs is also a good tactic in these short frame games, especially if you are behind and you need to get your opponent going in the wrong direction. At the very least it can kill a frame and possibly cause a lost hammer.

When your team wins a game, be sure that you and your partner both mark the score sheet correctly with your court number and game score, then highlight the court number. All courts have to be accounted for with matching scores.

If you haven’t tried our Wednesday & Saturday Mingles/Singles, come on down and have some fun…. we’d love to see you. 

These games are open to ALL shufflers and are played every Saturday and Wednesday morning at 8:30 am.

Current Club Covid-19 mandates are: Mask must be worn but are optional with proof of vaccination. Sanitizing and temperatures are still required. Court spacing will still be used unless over 32 players are playing.


The Zephyrhills summer Monday Mingles/Singles series are played every other Monday at ZSC and Betmar, all tournaments are conducted with six - 12 frame games beginning at 8:30 am. 

Cost is $5 and time will be taken for lunch after the fourth game. 

It is a doubles format with new partners and courts drawn before each game

Different tactics are used in these games than you would normally use in a doubles 75pt. or 16 fr. game. 

You are playing for yourself (singles) with a partner (mingles) each game. 

Game winners mark a score sheet with their court number and their game score. The winners are declared by the highest number of games won. Maximum score is 75 points. Ties are broken by the total score accumulated in the number of games won. This happens at almost every Mingles/Singles tournament.

This is where today’s tip comes into play. Also applies to Wednesday & Saturday M/S.

Just because you and your partner are having a rough time of it in a particular game, and there is probably no way you can win the game, you can still have a huge impact on the tournament final results.

There comes a time in a game when you and your partner should recognize that it’s probably impossible to come back and win because you’re running out of frames. 

Some players continue to try to score points for their team even though they are totally out of contention. Your team is now at a point where you should try to keep your opponent from scoring anymore points, or if possible, try to take a few points away by playing kitchen at every opportunity. 

It just may turn out that you are tied for wins with your current opponent at the end of the day and this is where the game points really count. 

I can remember one time in Lakeland when eight games were played; eight players were tied at the end of the tournament, and all with seven wins. Only seven places were to be paid and so all the winners’ positions were decided by their total accumulated score.

Don’t give up even if you are behind; just change tactics; you can still have an impact on the final results.

Current Covid-19 mandates: Betmar is requiring proof of vaccination, masks, court spacing and sanitizing to play.

ZSC masks are optional with proof of vaccination. Sanitizing and temperatures are still required. Court spacing will still be used unless over 32 players are playing.

Have fun!

Chuck Moulton…5/10/2021

I would be happy to post any idea or tip you may have.