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Shufflers love to comment about what shot to take. We like to stand on the sidelines and think right along with the players we’re watching. On tough shot choices we second guess the shooter (especially, if he or she misses) and then debate with each other. It’s part of the game. It’s fun.

So here’s one to argue or comment on.

The diagram shows yellow ahead at 74 to 67. Play is at the foot in a doubles match, and yellow is about to shoot the hammer. It’s game three. Black has challenged with a ten, positioned as shown in the diagram.

What is yellow’s shot?

There is a two inch drift toward the yellow side and since it’s the third game, yellow knows the drift.

Should yellow shoot to replace the ten or should he simply shoot a eight?

Probably either shot is right, and neither is wrong.

The arguments for playing the ten are clear. 

For sure, if it’s removed firmly, the game is kept alive. (Of course, if the ten is replaced and the yellow ten holds, the game is over). Now moving the game to the head at 74 to 67 is not bad for yellow, even if black, with 67, has the next two hammers.
These tips ware taken from a series of newspaper articles written by the late Lary Faris in the 90's.
I received permission and originally posted many of his articles in 2011 and again in 2015.
These tips have been edited from selected original articles and will be posted bi-weekly.
Your signed comments are encouraged below.
In that situation, yellow can hold one black hammer to a seven. Then if yellow can steal the other black hammer, yellow then gets its turn with two hammers. If against black’s two hammers, yellow can hide a disc, the game is won. So replacing the ten is not a bad choice. (Of course, yellow shouldn’t give up a seven while removing the ten.)

The other choice, scoring an eight, will win about 75% of the time. That’s not bad either.

So take a stand, comment on your choice and argue your points.
They keep our game exciting. They keep our minds active and alert. They make shuffleboard a special and unique sport